Free Mini Session

Play our free mini session for a preview of the look and feel of the games and to test your cognitive abilities. You can play this session as many times as you like…we don’t do hidden charges! When you want to join us we offer upfront and affordable membership plans.

As a member we will serve you daily adaptive and personalized sessions along with unlimited access to the freeplay library. Check out a member profile below:


10 minute session with three games

Adaptive difficulty levels so the games are challenging yet fun!

Each game designed by top neuroscientists MORE

Personalized according to your cognitive strengths & weaknesses

Scientific Advisors

Professor Geraint Rees

“As a scientific advisor to Mind Agilis, I am working with the company’s founder Clemens and a team of experienced video game developers. My role is to provide scientific input to Mind Agilis’ process of designing effective cognitive training sessions. I also assess and generate game ideas. The bright and innovative team of Mind Agilis bring to the market a truly exciting product for brain health.”


Tessy De Luxembourg

“Since I have been playing Mind Agilis’ brain games, I have noticed significant improvements in my mental flexibility and clarity of thinking. I feel sharper now – which is invaluable given that my lifestyle requires finding a balance between my two young children, my academic career as well as my passion for humanitarian causes, sports and my international social responsibilities.“

Humanitarian, Mother and Player of Mind Agilis